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wholesale cleaning suppliesAlthough Kentucky Cleaning Solutions is based in Frankfort, Kentucky, we ship a wide variety of wholesale cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment nationwide. When you order wholesale for your business, facility, or organization, you will save thousands of dollars each year. Here are some of our most popular janitorial supplies and their purpose:

Floor Cleaning Machines Vacuums Kentucky

Orbital Floor Machines

Wholesale Cleaning Supplies and Equipment for Floors

We offer all the floor wholesale cleaning supplies and equipment that your business will need. The ones listed here are some of our most popular wholesale products, but if you’re not sure where to begin, check out our most recent blog about how to clean flooring depending on the type.

Floor Machines

Orbital/Disc Floor Machine

Orbital scrubbers are a type of auto scrubber that oscillates in fast vibrations instead of rotation, allowed for speeds of up to 2,250 RPMs. With different floor pads, orbital scrubbers can be used on a variety of floor surfaces, including carpet, wood,

Low Rider Propane Burnisher 18 HP Kawasaki

concrete, and vinyl. Their advanced technology makes the floor cleaning process easier, faster, and more effective than the traditional method of mop and bucket.

Disc floor machines use a rotating disc with a handle that allows the user to push the machine for enhanced mobility.

Ride On Scrubbers and Sweepers

We offer a variety of ride on scrubbers and sweepers that significantly expedite the floor cleaning process, especially in schools, retail stores, warehouses and large facilities. Floor scrubbers aggressively clean and dry floors, while sweepers are a must for warehouses, factories and parking lots for sweeping the floors and removing dust and debris.

Propane Burnishers

We recently added propane floor burnishers to our inventory of floor cleaning machines due to their effectiveness at polishing under racks, shelves and hard to reach areas.

Propane Strippers and Concrete Machines

We offer a wide variety of floor machines from Aztec Products, including floor grinders, automatic scrubbers, floor buffing burnishing machines, propane stripping, and terrazzo refreshing.

Rotary Brushes, Floor Pads and Pad Drivers

We offer pad drivers in various sizes for a wide range of machinery.

Floor pads are suitable for a wide range of applications, including buffing, scrubbing, cleaning, stripping and burnishing floors. All our pads, regardless of their function, are made of the highest quality materials that are long lasting while providing outstanding results.

Here’s a breakdown of the type of pad and its purpose:

Floor Stripping Pads
Stripping pads get the surface back to its original condition. They made of a heavier fiber and may contain a more aggressive grit. Our pads are specifically designed with a more open weave to permit the chemical to do its job as it is agitated by the pad.

Buffing Pads

Pad Driver, Mighty, 20-inch

Buffing pads provide a deep clean and shine to make floors look like new. They are also used for removing light scuff marks and dirt.

Scrubbing and Cleaning Pads
Scrubbing and Cleaning pads are used for a range of purposes from light stripping to heavy duty scrubbing. These pads remove heavily soiled areas and most scuff marks prior to recoating.

Polishing Pads

Polishing and burnishing pads bring out the shine on floors with conventional speed equipment. They are also used for removing light scuff marks.

Rectangle Pads (Orbital Scrubbing Machines)
Rectangle pads are available in 4 sizes and are used on oscillating rectangle scrubbing machines.

Turf Pads
We offer turf pads from ACS industries that are ideal for cleaning and scrubbing uneven surfaces.

Flexscrub Brushes
Flex Scrub™ is a bristled floor pad that is ideal for cleaning and scrubbing uneven floorRemoves light coatings such as worn sealers and floor finishes on concrete and terrazzo surfaces. Applies a uniform scratch pattern throughout the floor creating a more even and open finish using only water, no dangerous chemicals required. surfaces.

Diamond Brushes
The Diamond Brush removes light coatings, such as worn sealers and floor finishes, on concrete and terrazzo surfaces. They apply a uniform scratch pattern throughout the floor, creating a more even and open finish using only water, no dangerous chemicals required. surfaces.

Floor Cleaning Chemicals

Along with the floor machine and associated floor pads, we offer various floor cleaning chemicals depending on the type of floor and desired cleaning and protection level. Our most popular floor cleaning chemicals include

Wholesale Paper Products, Soaps and Dispensers

Every business and facility has a bathroom that needs paper products and dispensers – make sure that you’re not paying more than you need to! We offer the best wholesale prices on toilet paper, hand towels, napkins, dispensers and more, especially when you combine multiple products.

Paper Towel Dispensers and Refill

We distribute Mayfair wiper and sorbents brand paper towels and dispensers with touch and no-touch options in both black and white. You can also order rolls in white and natural, with up to 210 sheets/roll.

Toilet Paper Dispensers and Refills

We offer wholesale toilet paper products in 1 ply and 2 ply that fit into 2-3 roll toilet paper dispensers. Discounts are available for subscriptions to any of our paper product offerings.


Bluegrass Jan/San is a distributor of Sellars Wipers and Sorbents brand.

Soaps, Sanitizers and Dispensers

Hand sanitizers and soaps are some of our most popular products due to the need for best hygiene practices. Businesses should ensure that hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout their facility and are accessible and in working order at all times. Hand soap and sanitizer dispensers should always be full, with a replacement ready. We strongly recommend our subscription service for hand soap and sanitizer dispensers so you never run the risk of running out without a refill.

We have everything you need to keep your bathroom and facility hygienic:

*We also stock a wide range of can liners and trashcans as well as indoor/outdoor, gym floor, and kitchen matting. Logo printing available.

This is just a brief list of some of our most popular wholesale cleaning supplies and equipment. For our full product selection, shop online here.

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