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Minuteman Demo Equipment Sale

We are having a huge sale on Minuteman Demo Equipment while supplies last. Call or email us to order or learn more! View the PDF catalog here. 

minuteman demo equipment sale

Auto Scrubbers

Scrubmaster B5 17″ Orbital scrubber, 22″ squeegee, 1.3 gallon solution tank, 1,400 sq. ft/hr, maneuverable and able to clean close to walls, silent mode, low water/power feature.


EZ Mop Extremely maneuverable micro scrubber, 14 foot scrub path cleans 5,400 square feet per hour, solution tank is .8 gallons and recovery tank is 1.3 gallons.


Scrubmaster B25 17″ brush driven, 24″ squeegee, 6.6 gallon solution/recovery tanks, 18,000 sq. ft./hr, lithium battery, 2 hour run time



E17 Brush Drive (Trojan Batteries Included) 17″ disc, brush drive, 12 gallon solution & 13 gallon recovery tanks, 33″ squeegee, 23,000 sq ft per hour, Auto load/unload brushes, on-board charger.


E20 SPORT (Trojan Batteries Included) 20″ disc, traction drive, 12 gallon solution & 13 gallon recovery tanks, 27,280 sq ft per hour, SPORT Mode, Auto load/unload brushes, adjustable hand bails, on-board charger.


E26 ECO 28″ cylindrical scrubber, 30 gallon tanks, 28,000 sq. feet per hour, offset brush allows for cleaning close to walls, integrated sweep-scrub function, on-board charger, adjustable speed and handle.


E26QP (Trojan Batteries Included)
26″ disc, traction drive, 19 gallon solution & recovery tanks, 26,000 sq ft per hour, Auto load/unload brushes, adjustable hand bails, adjustable speed, on-board charger.


E24QP Cylindrical 24″ Cylindrical brushes, integrated sweep/scrub function, 19 gallon solution and recovery tanks, 32,700 sq. ft./hr.


Rider Floor Scrubbers

Max Ride 26 26” cleaning path, 22 gallon solution and recovery tanks, auto load and unload of brush or pad driver, on-board charger, 360 degree turning, 27,000 sq. ft/hr.

Price …..$13,743.45

Carpet Floor Scrubbers

Max Ride 20 Sweeper Vac Combination sweeper and vacuum, 20″ sweeping path, on board charger, no tool brush removal, ultra quiet, easy to use controls, large vacuum bag and hopper for larger debris.


XRide 28 Extractor 28″ path, 27 gallon solution tank, 9,000 sq. ft/hr., AGM batteries, interim and restorative extraction modes, off-aisle recovery wand and 25′ hose.


MPV 31 Wide Area Vacuum 31″ sweep path, 1550 rpm brush speed, 75 foot power cord, ergonomic, low-profile design with multiple handle adjustments.


X17115 Carpet Extractor NEW IN BOX 9 gallon solution tank, 7.5 gallon recovery tank, 50 psi, 115 V, single, adjustable brush, on-board AUX for optional scrub wand and extraction tools

Price …..$3,556.38

747 Wide Area Vacuum 29.5″ sweeping path, battery, 9 cu. ft capacity, cloth filer bag, felt bag allows air to pass through bag.

Price …..$6,569.85

Rush R500H Extractor 12 gallon solution/11 gallon recovery tanks. Dual, 2-stage vacs, 500psi, detachable 2000 watt heater, 25′ vac hose/solution line, dual jet s-bend stainless steel wand, 50′ detachable power cord.


Kleen Sweep 32 NEW IN BOX 26″ main broom, 35″ sweep path with side broom, one button operation, on-board charger, 1,6 cubic foot hopper, 57,000 sq. feet per hour.


Kleen Sweep 47 50″ Sweep path, 28″ chevron style main broom, 18″ side broom, 2.1 cubic foot hopper, 4 hours run time, external charger, easy access service, 77,500 sq. feet per hour.


Phenom 15 Upright Vacuum Dual motor, 1000 watt vacuum, 150 watt brush motor, HEPA 5 stage filtration, “Extra Quiet Mode”, full bag indicator light, cord strain relief, Poly V-belt auto-shutoff.


Other Equipment

TRS- Total Restroom Cleaner 17 gallon solution tank, 15 gallon recovery tank, 600 psi pump, dual position spray gun, dual head wand, 50 ft suction hose, 50′ power cord, auto chemical feed with metering tips.


Tsunami 16WD 16 gallon recovery tank, 24″ front mount squeegee, 50 foot power cord, 95″ water lift, dry tool wand/accessories set included.


DS 2 Disinfecting Sprayer- NEW IN BOX lightweight and compact disinfecting sprayer, pulse-free uniform spray, 2 gallon solution tank, 100 PSI pump, 25′ spray wand/hose, 25′ power cord, 19 pounds.


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