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Global Glove Products

Kentucky Cleaning Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing Products 

Kentucky Cleaning Solutions is now an authorized Distributor of Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing products for your personal protection supply needs. We have the top 100 best selling products available on our website, or you can place a custom order after researching your needs in our online catalog. 

How to Choose the Right GlovesGlobal Glove Sizing Chart

Some factors to make sure you consider when purchasing gloves and other protective equipment is the material type and fit. It’s important to measure your hand correctly so that gloves fit properly. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your hand just below the knuckles to find your size. Also consider the dip polymer type and finish of the glove. Nitrile is common for disposable gloves used in medical facilities and restaurants, while neoprene is ideal for chemical handling. The finish is what makes the glove unique and could be smooth, rough, dotted, foam, etc.

Medical Grade vs Industrial Grade Gloves

Technically, there is no difference in the manufacturing and formulation of medical grade and industrial grade gloves – they are made on the same machines and with the same materials. For general use, gloves labeled as Industrial Use Only” or “Medical Grade” can both be used. But when purchasing gloves specifically for medical use there is a difference – the gloves must be “Medical Grade” and have been inspected and approved for their “Acceptable Quality Limit,” or AQL by the FDA. A lower AQL means that the glove has gone through more rigorous inspection for defects. The AQL for Medical Grade gloves must be 2.5 or lower. Or in Layman’s terms, there have been less than 2.5 defects in a batch of 100 gloves.

Top Selling Gloves

Gripster Gloves

We carry a wide variety of Gripster gloves that provide cut, puncture, impact and abrasion resistance. The Ice Gripster gloves also ensure protection in low temperatures with an acrylic terry cloth shell with a heavy nap, soft brushed interior, and foam rubber coating. The highly visible exterior is also water repellent for working with ice and in freezing conditions. The Vice Gripsters are Mach Finish, nitrile coated palm gloves featuring TPU impact protection added to the fingertips and the back of the hand. The unique double-dipped Mach Finish nitrile coating provides a grip comparable to true foam/air-injected nitrile and has more abrasion qualities. It also will not saturate through the coating like foam/air-injected nitrile.

Drivers Gloves

We carry Global Glove drivers gloves for professionals in the agriculture, forklift, trucks riving, and construction industries. Our Standard-Grade Grain Cowhide Beige Drivers Gloves are available for purchase online and come with a keystone thumb, the most ergonomic thumb style available to enhance comfort for the user. These gloves have a Gunn cut pattern and an open cuff for easy donning.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are used in a wide variety of applications, including veterinary facilities, hospitals, auto detailing, restaurants, and more. The key benefit of nitrile gloves is their outstanding chemical resistance, and they are three times more puncture resistant than rubber latex. 

We carry medical grade, 100% nitrile gloves with the standard rolled cuff and textured fingertips. They are anti-static compliant for use in an ESD protected area. 

Options include:

For those looking for nitrile gloves for general use that does not require medical grade approval, we also carry a wide variety of industrial use gloves as well, including:

Safety Products 

In addition to gloves, we also carry other Global Glove products including safety vests, disposable coveralls, and safety gloves. Safety vests come in high visibility colors featuring reflective trim. The non-woven coveralls are a great option for those in need of a durable disposable coverall that provides protection against light liquid splashes, debris, and dry particulates. 

You can review the full Global Glove and Safety Products catalog on our website and call us for quotes or to make custom orders. 

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