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Restaurant Cleaning Supplies

The Best Restaurant Cleaning Supplies for Surfaces, Floors, and Degreasing

Maintaining cleanliness in a restaurant is a tough task. With constant challenges of grease splashing, surface grime buildup, food contamination in the kitchen, germs, and foot traffic, it is essential to have high-performing cleaning products. It’s not just about looking clean – a restaurant must also be hygienically clean to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers. 

At Bluegrass Janitorial, we carry a wide range of restaurant supplies and equipment for any of your cleaning needs. When it comes down to surfaces and degreasing, we recommend our high performance products, including Degreasing Wet Wipes, Virucidal Disinfectant, Germicidal Disinfectant, Heavy-Duty Surface Cleansers. Contact us today about our equipment on demand!Husky 801 Duo Disinfectant Sanitizer

Our Recommended Restaurant Cleaning Degreasers and Solutions:

Hi Power Degreaser: This degreaser is engineered to tackle grease, light carbon and other stubborn soils on any and all surfaces. With its powerful formula, cleaning up greasy messes becomes a simple task. Find this solution on our website for only $19.81 per gallon.

The Husky 801 Duo Complete RTU Disinfectant And Sanitizer: This solution is conveniently packaged in a simple spray bottle and effectively disinfects, degreases, and cleanses all surfaces. For only $4.95, make eliminating any mess simple and efficient with this Disinfectant and Sanitizer.

Our Category 5: Heavy-Duty, No-Rinse Cleaner: Grease and grime gets on the floor too! This floor cleanser delivers a powerful rinse-free cleanse primarily for heavily soiled floors and surfaces. This solution provides a thorough cleanse without the need to rinse. With its multi-surface design, it will help with those grease splashes wherever they land for $10.34 per gallon.

Jelmar CLR PRO Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover: This cleaner is the simplest and most efficient way to remove Calcium, lime and rust. Safe to use on most surfaces, this product is a part of EPA’s Safer Choice Program, which recognizes the product as a safer alternative to harsh chemicals. For $7.89 you can get an effective 32 oz spray bottle of Jelmar CLR PRO Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover.

Shop all of our cleaners and degreasers here. 

Recommended Restaurant Paper Products & Dispensers:

Z400 shop towels

Toolbox Z400 Center-Pull Shop Towels – Blue 10″x 12″: These shop towels are ideal for cleaning kitchens. Soft to the touch, these towels provided excellent absorbency made with 40% post-consumer recycled fibers. Dispensed in a recyclable cardboard box, they are easy to pull for any quick clean up. Additionally, the bright blue color helps hide the visibility of grease for multiple uses. You can get 200 towels for only $16.25!

Mayfair White Hard Wound Roll Towel 7.8′ x 800′: These single ply towels have a high quality performance with a low cost. Made in the USA with recycled fibers, you will get six 800’ rolls for only $45.26. The White Hard Wound Roll Towels also fit perfectly in most towel dispensers, making them a convenient fit for your restaurant. 

Paper Towel Dispensers: We offer a variety of paper towel dispensers, both for multifold towels and rolls like those listed above. These options offer easy installation, refill, and fast shipping. 

Recommended Restaurant Cleaning Supplies and Equipment 

Terry Towel Bar Mops Seconds White 5lb: For only $15.50, our cotton Terry mops are the perfect cloth for cleaning up any spills in a restaurant. These are 100% cotton and guaranteed to get your surfaces clean. Scrubble Grill Brick

Scrubble Grill Bricks: Our mighty Grill Bricks are trusted to safely scrub at grill tops without scratching or affecting your grill cure. Grill bricks doen’t absorb grease or odor, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Scouring Pads: Don’t pass up our heavy duty Scouring Pads. Affordable and easy to use, these scouring pads make those tough greasy jobs easy to scrub away. It’s an excellent multi-purpose product that will get the job done.

Microfiber Towels 16″x16″ 200 GSM: For a great value of $11.61, you can get a 12 pack of high quality microfiber towels. Perfect for cleaning, these towels absorb 7x its weight in liquid with a non-abrasive wipe. These quick drying towels are a perfect tool to add to your kitchen clean ups, great for eliminating waste!

MotorScrubber SHOCK Handheld Floor Scrubber Starter Kit: Lightweight, easy to use, and exceptionally efficient. The MotorScrubber Floor Scrubber is a great option for cleaning your restaurant floors. Versatile and lightweight, there is nothing that will scrub those greasy floors as clean as the MotorScrubber. 

Trust Bluegrass Janitorial to equip your establishment with top-tier cleaning supplies. Explore our website to discover our wide variety or restaurant supplies along with detailed product information. 

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