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All in one vacuum and mop

The Most Versatile Floor Cleaning Tool: Bissell FloorWash All in One Vacuum and Mop

Cleaning floors often feels like a never-ending, multi-step chore. The cycle of vacuuming and mopping requires multiple tools and is overly time consuming. But homes and offices both accumulate debris that need attention, whether it’s vacuuming, mopping or both. It is time to make cleaning floors easier.

About the Bissell FloorWash All in One Vacuum and Mop

Bissell All in one vacuum and mop

With our online 21% discount, you can get this mop and vacuum all in one for only $295.60.

Introducing the game changer for floor cleaning, the Bissell FloorWash All in One Vacuum & Mop. This is the most versatile, user-friendly multi-functional floor cleaner, which includes not only a vacuum, but also a mop with a dual purpose floor drying roller. The Vacuum & Mop is effortless to use, with a digital touch control and a on-demand trigger, allowing for a controlled amount of solution release.

How to Use the Bissell Vacuum and Mop:  

  1. Easily attach the handle to the top of the Vacuum & Mop
  2. Attach the extension cord and plug it in to a convenient outlet
  3. Fill the included solution bottle with your choice of cleaner
  4. Ensure the filter is clean and attached to the base of the vacuum
  5. You can detach and clean or replace the mop roller on the base if needed
  6. The trigger beneath the handle releases cleaning solution 
  7. The button on top of the handle powers the vacuum
  8. Simply roll and/or vacuum over your floors

Get to Know Its Versatile Cleaning Power

The Bissell FloorWash All in One Vacuum & Mop has incomparable versatility. With its sleek design, it is great for using in tight, hard to reach spaces, with an easy controllable roll. The vacuum’s powerful suction is great for any debris on hard or soft surfaces. The mop is exceptional on hard surfaces with its extra large brush roll, designed for efficient simple mopping. Then a dry roller makes for a great drying tool on any spills or after you mop. 

Use it at home, in your office, garage, anywhere you could possibly need to clean! Say goodbye to switching between multiple tools, and say hello to simplifying your cleaning routine.

The Benefits are Incomparable

  • Your purchase includes our Hard Surface Floor Cleaner, perfect for mopping.
  • Additionally, you will receive an extra roller, extension cord, and spare vacuum filter.
  • Great small size for reach under tight spaces and corners
  • Exceptional at cleaning hard and soft surfaces
  • Has self cleaning powers for the mop roller
  • Easy to empty and clean dirt removal chamber and vacuum filter.

Shop Online for a 21% Discount Today

The Bissell FloorWash All in One Vacuum and Mop will cut your cleaning time in half. With our online 21% discount, you can get this mop and vacuum all in one for only $295.60. This is an extraordinary deal for a multifunctional tool. Contact Bluegrass Janitorial today with any questions or inquiries. 

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