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Bluegrass Jan/San is a distributor of Sellars Wipers and Sorbents brand hand towel paper dispensers and refills, toilet tissue dispensers and refills, hand towel dispensers and refills and roll hand towels. Whatever your need, we can address it.






Hand Towel Paper Refills

BTK-14101204 – Tork Advanced Hand Towel Center Feed 2-ply 7.6×11.8 White – 590 Linear Feet M2 6/CS
BTK-14100133 – M-Tork Center Pull 1-ply Towel 8.25×983′ – 983 Linear Feet M2 6/CS
BTK-14100489 – Tork Advanced Hand Roll Towel 1-ply 7-4/5″ Embossed White – 700 Linear Feet H1 6/CS
BTK-14100488 – TorkMatic Basic Roll Towel 1-ply 7.8×700′ – 700 Linear Feet H1 6/CS
BTK-14100490 – Tork Advanced Soft Hand Roll Towel 1-ply 7.7×900 White – 900 Linear Feet H1 6/CS
BTK-14100338 – Tork Advanced Roll 7.75×525 2-ply White Recycled – 525 Linear Feet H1 6/CS
BTK-14100071 – Tork Advanced Soft Express Multifold Hand Towel 2-ply White, 3-panel H2/H23 16/189CS
BTK-14100575 – Tork Premium Multifold Hand Towel 1-ply White, 3 panel H2/H23 16/150CS
BTK-14108005 – Universal Hand Roll Towel Paper 7.7″ Natural – 800 Linear Feet H21 6CS
BTK-14101841 – Tork Single Fold Towel Universal White H22 16/250CS
BTK-14100706 – Tork C-fold Towel Universal White H25 16/150CS
BPS-75000253 – Multifold Towel Universal 9.125×9.5 White (A) H2 16/250CS
BPS-75000250 – Single Fold Towel Universal 9.25×10.25 Kraft 16/250CS

Toilet Tissue Refills

BTK-14104402 – T-Tork Mini Jumbo Bath Tissue White 2-ply – 751 Linear Feet T2 12/CS
BTK-14100389 – Tork Universal Bath Tissue 2-ply With Opticore (Split Core) White – 865 Linear Feet T11 36/CS
BWP-30030001 – EcoSoft 2-ply Toilet Tissue 4×4.5 500 Sheets/Roll Wrapped 96/CS
BTK-14100370 – Tork Universal Hi-Cap Bath Tissue Opticore 3.75×3.5 2000 Sheets per Roll T10 12/CS

XpressNap Refills

BTK-14100901 – Tork Universal XpressNap Dispenser Nap 13×8.5 1/4 Fold Natural 1-ply N4 12/500/CS
BTK-14102900 – Tork Advances XpressNap Dispenser Nap 13×8.5 1/4 Fold White 1-ply N4 12/500/CS
BTK-14102902 – Tork Universal XpressNap Cafe Dispenser Nap 8.5×8.5 Natural 1-ply N10 12/500/CS
BTK-14100990 – Tork Advanced Plus XpressNap Dispenser Nap Interfold 6.5×8.5 2-ply N4 12/400/CS

Roll Towels

BTK-14101975 – Tork Universal Roll Towel 2-ply Household Kraft (Natural) 210 sheets/roll 12/CS
BTK -141000107 – Tork Advanced Household Roll Towel 2-ply White 120 sheets/roll 30/CS
BTK- 14101996 – Tork Universal Roll Towel 2-ply Household Kraft (Natural) 210 sheets/roll 12/CS
BTK-14100122 – Tork Universal Kitchen Roll Towel 2-ply Household White 84 sheets/roll 30/CS

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