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Achieve Crystal-Clear Windows and Solar Panels with IPC Eagle’s Window Cleaning Equipment for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Clean, spotless windows create a bright and inviting atmosphere in commercial buildings, homes, restaurants, or towering skyscrapers. And clean solar panels increase energy efficiency and return on investment. IPC Eagle, an established leader in the cleaning equipment industry, offers a wide range of window cleaning machines and accessories for both indoor and outdoor window and solar panel cleaning needs. Their technology uses reverse osmosis and deionization to clean without any chemicals for streak-free windows and solar panels.

Read this article to learn about our various pure water system window cleaning solutions, and give us a call for a quote on any equipment options and packages.

Indoor Window Cleaning Solutions

Limited space, delicate surfaces, and accessibility are just a few of the challenges associated with indoor window cleaning. We carry Cleano Systems, which are available in 1 ,2, 5 10, 25 and 35 models, for indoor surface and window cleaning. With their lightweight and ergonomic construction, Cleano System tools offer easy maneuverability and reach, making them ideal for tackling high up and hard-to-reach indoor areas. Key Features of the Cleano include:

  • Built-in sanitization globe eliminates chemical spraying, reducing labor by 50%.
  • Clean up to 35′ safely with telescopic poles.
  • Chemical-free cleaning with microfiber, reducing streaks on windows.
  • Ergonomic handle with articulated joint for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach surfaces

The IPC Eagle Portable Vertical Screen Cleaning Station is a portable and efficient solution for safely cleaning and maintaining window and door screens. The adjustable and removable screen holders securely hold screens of different sizes, allowing for thorough cleaning without any damage. Equipped with spray nozzles and a water collection tray, the station provides a uniform distribution of cleaning solution and collects excess water, making the process convenient and mess-free. It’s easy to use for both professional cleaners and homeowners.

Outdoor Window and Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions

Outdoor window and solar panel cleaning requires robust and efficient machines that can eliminate the buildup of dirt, grime, and minerals without damaging the surface. There are three options that we recommend, which each have different specifications and benefits depending on your needs:window cleaning equipment

  • IPC Eagle Hydro Cart Pro
  • IPC Eagle Hydro Cart Compact
  • IPC Eagle Hydro Station

The HydroCart systems are designed to deliver exceptional results, even on multi-story buildings up to 5 floors. The HydroCart Pro utilizes a pure water-fed system that effectively cleans exterior window surfaces at 1/5 to 2 GPM without chemicals or leaving streaks behind. Its portable design and long-reaching pole ensure easy maneuverability and optimal cleaning performance. It is an entry-level system for both window cleaners and building service contractors and is perfect for schools, apartments, hotels, hospitals, clinics, and other facilities.

The Compact HydroCart is a lighter and more compact version of the Hydro Cart Pro, available with electric and gas engine Eco-Boost pump modules.

For solar panel cleaning, high-rise buildings or jobs requiring more productivity, we recommend the IPC Eagle Hydro Station.  It’s pure water cleaning technology prevents damage to delicate solar panel surfaces while still producing up to 6 gallons per minute in power to effectively remove dirt, algae, pollution, and grime. It can be easily transported with a standard trailer and clean solar panels and windows over five stories high.

IPC Eagle’s window and solar panel cleaning machines and equipment, available at Bluegrass Janitorial Supplies, merge cutting-edge pure water system technology with user-friendly designs, delivering effective results for indoor and outdoor window cleaning.

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