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orbital scrubber

High-quality floor cleaning equipment is essential for keeping any facility clean and presentable. Whether you are managing a school or a hotel, you need equipment that cleans thoroughly and is durable, easy-to-use, and energy efficient. Although it may seem hard to find floor cleaning equipment that checks all the boxes, the S-20 walk behind auto orbital scrubber is our most highly recommended floor machine because it does just that.

orbital scrubber

We also offer the S-28 Orbital Scrubber in addition to the S-20.

In this article, we will review the Pacific Floorcare S-20 Orbital Scrubber and share the advantages of this equipment. We also have the S-28 Walk Behind Orbital Scrubber and the S-28 Ride On Orbital Scrubber, and financing options are available for all floor cleaning machines.

About the Pacific Floorcare S-20 Orbital Scrubber

The S-20 Floor Scrubber by Pacific Floorcare has the capacity to hold 20 gallons, and it covers the floor cleaning path with a width of 20 inches. The scrubber eliminates the dumping of toxic strippers into the environment and guarantees chemical-free finish removal. This machinery can clean floors for up to 4 hours and is operable any time of the day due to its noise level of just 63 dBA.

Customers that purchase the orbital scrubber from Bluegrass receive both the best pricing and a 5 year or 5,000 hour isolator warranty. From unmatched cleaning specifications to industry-first technologies and industry-best warranty protection, the Pacific S-20 gets the job done at a price you can afford. This is the machinery you can confidently invest in if you want to advance the cleaning and maintenance of your commercial flooring.

Why should you choose Pacific S-20 Orbital Scrubber?

There are various advantages to Pacific S-20 Orbital floor cleaning equipment. Its features make the floor cleaning machine easy to use, durable and cost-effective. These are the top 7 features that make this equipment the best on the market:

1.     Battery Shield and Battery Warranty

BatteryShield® is available on all S-Series auto scrubbers offered by Kentucky Cleaning Solutions with a 3-year warranty. BatteryShield® is an integrated automatic battery protection system that maximizes battery life by protecting wet batteries from low water level damage. Low water levels are detected by a special sensor that sends a signal to the machine and illuminates an LED panel to signal the operator. Then the machine is shut down until batteries are watered. This technology saves the operator between $1,400 to $2,800 over the course of the machine’s life.

2.     Easy-to-use and User-Friendly Machine

This walk-behind floor scrubber is very easy to use, with only three simple steps to begin operation. To operate, one simply follows these steps:

  • Handle: Squeezing the handle activates the flow of solution, the brush motor, and traction drive.
  • Speed Control: Rotate the speed control with either thumb, right below the handle.
  • Reverse: Push the reserve button and squeeze bail for reverse operation.
    orbital scrubber

    This walk-behind floor scrubber is very easy to use, with only three simple steps to begin operation.

In addition to ease of use, the S-20 orbital scrubber is easy to unpack, charge, and clean when necessary, and pads can be easily replaced (see below). There are a variety of operation and maintenance videos available as well on the Pacific Floorcare website.

3.     Automatic on/off Pad Driver System

Pacific Floorcare equipment is known for its convenience and flexibility. One of the key features that the Pacific S-20 Orbital Scrubber delivers is an automatic pad driver system. This means that your cleaning staff does not need to get on the floor to attach the brush to the main equipment. You can simply place the brush on the floor, align the machine, and lower the head with a simple push.

4.     Highest Down Pressure on the Market

The S-20 Orbital floor scrubber has the highest down pressure available, meaning that it reduces the labor and materials necessary to effectively strip and clean a floor. The high pressure scrubbing power of the S-20 requires fewer chemicals and less time to do the same job of another machine. You will spend less money on floor cleaning supplies and staff hours after investing in this machine, guaranteed.

You can do top scrub using a thin line maroon pad at 120 lb. pressure, which will remove 2-3 coats of wax. No chemicals are necessary; Either dry or use very little water to keep dust out.

5.     Tank design for increased productivity

The tank design of this floor scrubber makes it easy for the equipment to be transported, with two options for tying it down to a truck or trailer during transport. With just two straps, the machine can be tied down by 1) using the tie down holes that are located on either side of the main frame or 2) running the straps between the recovery tank and the solution tank. This is especially convenient if your staff work in different locations.

orbital scrubber

The motor for S-20 Orbital was chosen due to its low level of noise.

Furthermore, the tank is designed to deliver a comfortable and efficient cleaning experience. The recovery tank lid of the floor scrubber will allow you to have full and easy access to the tank. It also has a baffle in the recovery tank to stop solution from spilling out.

6.     Quiet technology for noise-sensitive areas

If you want the facility to be cleaned while people are still working or studying, then you need a piece of equipment with noise-canceling technology.

The motor for S-20 Orbital was chosen due to its low level of noise. Additionally, there are three rubber isolators to keep the vibration from transmitting into the tank. Due to the quiet operation, this floor scrubber is especially useful for facilities such as libraries, offices, hotels, and schools.

7.    All Inclusive Package

The machine comes with a QR code to easily scan with a phone for the manual, warranty, and operation information.

To get a quote for the S-20 Orbital Scrubber, give us a call at (502) 382-8320.

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