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ABCO Products Offer Affordable, High Quality Cleaning Supplies While Protecting the Planet


This UL validated Natura broom is made from 100% recycled plastic. It has fully flagged bristles that move dirt and debris while trapping dust particles. It comes with a metal handle that is 48″ by 7/8″.

We’re excited to now be carrying a selection of ABCO products, including Green Seal Certified Mops and high quality synthetic and natural brooms, window cleaning supplies, and microfiber towels. These janitorial supplies and equipment are extremely effective and made with less harm to the environment. Best of all, we are offering them at extremely reduced, wholesale prices for individual purchase.

Green Seal Certification

Green Seal certification means that the product has undergone rigorous performance, health and environmental criteria to adhere to sustainability standards developed by environmental scientists and experts. By purchasing products that are Green Seal certified, you can be confident that your choices are sustainable and better for the earth. In fact, more than 100 federal, state and local purchasing policies specify Green Seal to improve their commitment to sustainability and safety.

Green Seal Certified Mops

We are now carrying four different types of green seal certified mop heads in cotton and rayon. These include:

  1. Rayon Screw On Mop Head
  2. Cotton Screw On Mop Head
  3. Rayon Mop Head with Cut End
  4. Cotton Mop Head with Narrow Band

Typically cotton mop heads are more absorbent and durable over time than rayon. Rayon is a synthetic fiber that tends to be more budget friendly, though, and also presents a great option.

EcoFriendly ABCO Broom Heads


This wood push broom is made with flagged bristles that expertly sweeps dust, small particles, and light debris off the floor.

In addition to green seal certified mops, we are now carrying other ABCO products including brooms heads with natural and synthetic bristles. These are high quality broom heads perfect for commercial sweeping jobs in large garages and warehouses. Our options include:

  1. Fine Sweep Wood Push Brush
  2. UL Validated Natura Broom with Handle
  3. Wood Push Broom with Palmyra Bristles (available in multiple sizes)

ABCO Microfiber Products

Microfiber is a textile material made of polyester and polyamide that is durable and machine washable. It is known for its effective moisture wicking as well as dusting in dry applications without damaging surfaces. Microfiber has 40% more surface area compared to other fibers used in cleaning, making them extremely absorbent.

We are now carrying the following ABCO Microfiber products:

To take care of your microfiber cleaning supplies, avoid bleach or highly alkaline detergents as well as fabric softeners. Wash them separate from conventional mops and avoid drying temperatures in excess of 140 degrees.

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