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Kentucky Cleaning Solutions offers a variety of floor cleaning equipment, from walk-behind buffers, sweepers, burnishes to scrubbing machines and much more, for thorough and efficient floor care at your school, university, or facility.

school floor cleaning equipment

BlueGrass offers cleaning equipment and supplies for schools and universities, from floor cleaning scrubbers to disinfecting sprayers.

While maintaining a clean and safe environment is important everywhere, it is especially crucial at schools and universities. Keeping high levels of hygiene and sanitizing common areas should be one of the top priorities for a healthy learning environment. Due to high foot traffic and exposure to a variety of bacteria, education institutions should ensure the safety of the students by keeping their buildings clean and hygienic.

We’ve developed this list of necessary floor cleaning equipment that every school should have in order to help education administrators and maintenance staff support the highest level of cleanliness and student safety.

The Challenges of Cleaning Floors in Schools & Universities

The high foot traffic and constant bustle of learning facilities, especially during the school year, make it difficult to always maintain a clean and sanitary learning environment. Even the most dedicated janitorial staff can have a hard time maintaining it.

The biggest challenges of keeping university and school facilities clean include:

  • High foot traffic and a large volume of people
  • Low hygiene standards
  • Eating and drinking in common areas
  • Staffing
  • Lack of resources and funding

Overall, the existing system does not bring the means to achieve high levels of cleanliness in education facilities. Providing high-quality floor cleaning equipment and floor cleaning supplies can help efficiency and effectiveness as well as mitigate the challenges involved.

The Ultimate School Floor Cleaning Equipment

floor cleaning machine

Of mid-size walk-behind scrubbers, the S-28 scrubber boasts up to 100% more horsepower and up to 67% higher RPMs than the competition.

Kentucky Cleaning Solutions is an authorized distributor of the most high-quality and cost-effective floor care cleaning equipment brands in the industry, including Pacific Floorcare, EDIC, RPC Eagle, AZTEC Propane Machines and Square Scrub. We also provide refills for equipment including pads, floor finishers, floor strippers. We recommend investing in the following floor care cleaning equipment:

Floor Scrubbers

An orbital floor machine is a perfect alternative to your classic mop and bucket for floor cleaning in schools and universities as well as excellent for removing floor finish when doing top scrub. A floor scrubber is compact and easy to use and move, whether you are cleaning classrooms, hallways, or cafeterias. The machine is also quiet, which prevents distractions in the learning environment.

Carpet Extractors and Vacuums

Investing in a carpet extractor and vacuum will be essential if your school has carpeting or rugs in some of the offices or classrooms. This is especially true if students are eating or drinking in those areas.

UV Light Disinfectants, Disinfecting Sprayers and Misting Machines


UV light disinfecting machines are perfect for schools due to their effectiveness and mobility.

A UV light generator, disinfecting sprayer, or misting machine can be an essential piece of cleaning equipment when disinfecting surfaces including drinking fountains, restroom facilities, lockers and more.

Here is the full list of cleaning equipment you can refer to in order to ensure the hygiene and overall cleanliness of universities and schools.

The Ultimate School Floor Cleaning Supplies & Disinfectants

Floor Protection

One of the best ways to decrease the dirt inside the school building is to have better floor protection. Entrance mattingcan eliminate the dust and dirt as well as bacteria considerably. Good entrance matting can also reduce the time needed for cleaning the floors, which leaves more time for other cleaning and maintenance needs throughout the facility.

Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners and solutions guarantee that the cleaning job is thorough and ensures that the harmful bacteria are killed, the dirt is removed, and surfaces are protected from collecting excessive dirt and dust.

floor cleaning disinfectant

Neutral Germicidal Cleaner is a Disinfectant, Cleaner, Mildewstat, Fungicide, Virucide, Deodorizer.

Consider using the following products to guarantee high hygiene levels at education facilities:

Five Other Ways to Improve Hygiene at Schools and Universities

There are a lot of ways to level up hygiene at schools and universities. While some need more resources, others only need additional planning and involvement from the administration. Lack of funding can be a major barrier to cleanliness at schools, however, here are some easy and affordable recommendations to implement:

  1. Raise awareness about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness among students and staff through laminated signs in bathrooms and cafeterias
  2. Increase the number of sanitization stations
  3. Add entrance floor mats
  4. Arrange trash and recycle bins around and throughout the building
  5. Implement school organizing and cleaning activities that involve the students and create a safe and healthy environment with their help

Final Thoughts

Keeping schools and universities is a challenging and tough job. However, with planning, determination, and the right equipment and supplies, you can ensure a safe and clean learning environment.

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