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Crown Spray Power

Crown Spray Power: The Ultimate All-Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaning Solution

We’re all tired of spending time working on stains that feel impossible to remove. We are fed up with unsightly blemishes on furniture or carpet. Not to mention those frustrating grease splatters that refuse to budge from countertops! Well, there is a powerful solution that tackles every mess you might encounterCrown Spray Power Cleaner & Degreaser with ease…

Crown Cleaner: The go to solution for any and all of your cleaning needs.

As an all-purpose multi-surface cleaner and degreaser, Crown Spray Power is trusted in achieving glistening cleanliness. For only $7.31 per gallon, say goodbye to the most stubborn grime and grease, with this powerful and ever so simple to use cleaning solution.

Simply spray the Crown cleaner onto any surface you have a mess on, followed by a simple wipe down, and voilà! You will be left with a clean surface that shines like it did when it was new. Crown Spray Power makes cleaning any surface easy, including:

  • Tiles and carpets,
  • appliances and upholstery,
  • countertops and bathroom fixtures,
  • and anything in between.

Its standout versatility extends beyond conventional cleaning products, safely cleaning painted surfaces, vinyl, porcelain, and wood without worry.  For example, Crown Spray Power is known for its effectiveness in cleaning stubborn grime, dirt, and stains from home sidings. 

And Crown cleaner is not limited to large surfaces – you can use it to fight your toughest laundry stains on pre-washed fabrics, too. Crown Spray Powers versatility makes it the best option for any cleaning challenge you may encounter. 

Crown spray power one shotHow to use Crown Cleaner:

  1. Prepare your 32oz spray applicator by filling it with Crown Spray Power. For those less stubborn messes, you may dilute the Spray Power with water, this will optimize its effectiveness.
  2. Directly spray the Spray Power onto the surface of your mess, ensuring an even coverage.
  3. Use a sponge or  microfiber towel, for tougher stains, a stiff bristle brush, then gently wipe away the mess.
  4. Rinse your sponge if needed and repeat the process until the mess is completely removed.
  5. Admire the pristine cleanliness you have achieved with the Crown Spray Power.

You can find more detailed cleaning suggestions and product information on Crown Cleaners products on our website.

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