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Minuteman EZ Mop Battery Floor Scrubber


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The EZ Mop is a battery-powered walk behind floor scrubber, boasting an ultra-maneuverable build that effortlessly enables 360° rotations. With its remarkably efficient design and a 16′ scrubbing path, this device can effectively clean an impressive 5,400 square feet within an hour. Powered by a 36-volt battery, it provides a continuous runtime of 1 hour. Bridging the gap between traditional mops and advanced scrubbers, this product offers unparalleled agility, eradicating stubborn dirt accumulation in hard-to-reach areas.

Though compact, this scrubber stands strong in its reliability and sturdiness, ensuring years of dependable service. Crafted with a high-density stainless steel chassis (AISI 304L or A2: stainless steel food-grade), it’s tailor-made for true professionals in the cleaning industry. Its design is a harmonious blend of compactness, robustness, and maneuverability, promising optimal performance and longevity.

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More about this product

More about this product

EZ Mop 360 Features:

  • Powerful and efficient multi-speed scrubbing action
  • Strong suction and water-lift for thoroughly dry floors
  • Convenient storage dimensions: Height 46.85″ x Width 16.14″ x Depth 18.3″
  • Exceptional maneuverability with a sturdy 360° swiveling handle
  • Simple maintenance and operation
  • Intuitive operating controls for ease of use
  • Effective cleaning covering 5,400 square feet per hour
  • Effortless transport facilitated by strategically positioned front castors and a secure carrying handle


Lithium Ion Battery: 36 Volts
Run Time: 1 hour
Scrub width: 16.0″
Squeegee width: 17.7 inches
Pad / Brush pressure: 48.5 lbs.
Brush Speed: 210 rpm
Productivity: 5,400 square feet / hour
Solution tank: .8 gallons
Recovery tank: 1.3 gallons
Vacuum motor: 36 volt / .40 h.p.
Noise level: 66 dba

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