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Best Supplies and Equipment for Cleaning and Disinfecting Hospital Floors

Bluegrass offers cleaning and disinfectant equipment and supplies for hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other clinical settings, from floor scrubbers to disinfecting solutions. While maintaining a clean and safe environment is important everywhere, it is especially crucial in healthcare settings.

Regular disinfection of surfaces and surgical utensils seems obvious. But what about the consistent cleaning and disinfection of floors? This is the area that gets the most traffic, and it is essential to use the right supplies and materials to prevent contamination, disease spread, and unsanitary conditions.

We’ve developed this list of necessary floor cleaning equipment and supplies that healthcare settings should use to support the highest level of cleanliness and safety.

Healthcare Floor Disinfecting Solutions

Disinfecting solutions are an important part of keeping the hospital floor clean and sanitized. There are a few disinfecting chemicals to look for when selecting a floor disinfectant. The ones commonly used in clinical settings include quaternary ammonium, phenolic disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hypochlorite. Although each of these disinfecting solutions has its specific uses and cleaning properties, they all share one crucial aspect: they kill bacteria.

We highly recommend Neutral Germicidal Cleaner by Essential Industries. It has a neutral pH formula perfect for cleaning and disinfecting finished floors, but it can also clean and disinfect walls, sinks, toilets, countertops, door handles and equipment.

The quaternary formula provides maximum effectiveness against a variety of micro-organisms, including HIV, VRE, VISA, CA-MRSA, MRSA, HBV, HCV, Human coronavirus and Canine parvovirus (CPV).Neutral Germicidal Cleaner (702DN)

Furthermore, when used in combination with a disinfecting sprayer or floor scrubber, this germicidal cleaner is even more effective for cleaning and sanitizing hospital floors.

Disinfecting Spraying Machine

When cleaning hospital floors, it is important to use the right equipment to ensure thorough application and efficiency. Spraying machines can be used for daily disinfecting of floors, walls, ceilings and are powerful, consistent, and versatile.

We recommend the Pacific Floor Care AM-15 Disinfecting Spraying Machine. It runs for approximately 3.5 hours and has both a handheld double-barrel misting wand with one nozzle and a polypropylene trigger handle with a misting nozzle.

Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are essential for cleaning hospital floors, as they can get dirt, bacteria, and grime that a mop cannot properly eliminate. Floor scrubbers use cleaning solution to evenly distribute the substance across the surface, then scrub the surface with moderate-abrasiveness nonwoven pads to remove the liquid using a vacuum. The pads are frequently used in continuous succession as the machine moves across the surface.

There are a number of different types of floor scrubbers that can be used on all kinds of floors, including wood, tile, linoleum, vinyl, and concrete.

For hospital floor cleaning, we highly recommend the Pacific Floorcare S-20 orbital scrubber. This machinery can clean floors for up to 4 hours and is operable any time of the day due to its noise level of just 63 dBA.

UV Light Cleaning Equipmentuvc lightforce

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting hospital floors with scrubbers and chemical disinfectants, UV cleaning equipment is another effective way to keep hospital floors sanitary. UV equipment works by passing a beam of ultraviolet light over a hard surface. This light kills germs and other pathogens, as well as breaks down organic matter like vomit and blood. UV cleaning can be used in conjunction with cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, making it a very effective and thorough cleaning and sanitizing tool.

We recommend the UVC LightForce Ultraviolet Sanitizing Machine, which comes in 42.5 inch or 62 inch heights. The UVC Lightforce is a mobile, self-contained germicidal cleaning device that utilizes proven ultraviolet emitting radiation technology to help reduce and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens on environmental surfaces.

Moreover, UV cleaning equipment is helpful in other areas of the hospital, including examination rooms, waiting areas, and laboratory spaces. We even offer a UV disinfecting attachment for keyboards at shared desktop stations.

UV cleaning is a particularly useful addition to any healthcare setting, as it is environmentally friendly, has no smell or fumes, and does not require additional cleaning equipment, such as buckets and mops. Here’s more information from the FDA as Ultraviolet radiation as a cleaning tool.


When cleaning floors in healthcare settings, it is essential to use the right equipment and supplies, such as scrubbers, sprayers, and disinfecting solutions. These tools and supplies will help keep hospital floors clean and sanitary, preventing the spread of bacteria and disease.

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