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High quality artificial grass cleaner is essential to ensuring the longevity, odor removal, cleanliness and appeal of your indoor or outdoor turf. This article provides a guide to using it effectively in combination with other turf care methods and product recommendations.

Dog boarding businesses, homeowners and more choose turf, commonly referred to as artificial grass, because of its obvious convenience for kennels and pet relieving areas. Turf is easy to clean and install both indoors and outdoors, and it requires low maintenance costs. Additionally, it looks good and lasts for a long time.

To ensure that your turf lasts its entire lifespan looking new and maintained, you must take care of it with regular cleaning and high quality products. Fortunately, it does not require a lot of resources to keep your turf in its best condition, especially when compared to a natural grass lawn.

How to ensure proper turf care?

Turf care can be divided into two categories: surface clean and deep clean.

Surface Cleaningdeck brush

Artificial grass surface cleaning is an easy task, and it means removing major dirt and debris from the turf. You can clean the surface weekly or even less frequently depending on the season and how quickly it gets dirty.During the fall, you might want to clean it more often because of excessive leaves and yard debris. For surface cleaning, you can use a regular garden broom or a brush. Check how rough is the turf and choose your cleaning equipment accordingly. The BlueGrass Soft Bristle Wall Brush is gentle enough to use for artificial grass. You can even color code your brush according to the appropriate kennel.

Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, you need more understanding of what turf specifically needs, inclu
ding products and equipment. A deep cleaning will thoroughly clean the base of the turf to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of anything underneath. Old, stagnant liquid and small dirt and debris also may accumulate closer to the base of the turf that might not be obvious at first glace. Once these contaminants accumulate, though, they can lead to foul smell, unsanitary conditions and major damage.turf-care-foam-gun-dispenser

In order to clean the turf thoroughly, we recommend using cleaning products made for turf care. This is because turf has specific properties that might be damaged by everyday products as well as uses that need higher biosecurity standards.

When looking for proper turf care products, look for ingredients that provide pet odor removal and multi-species disinfectant. BlueGrass provides ProvetLogic Turf Care cleaner, deodorizer, and drain maintainer that eliminates organic waste left in the turf, which could lead to disease spread, mold and bacteria growth, and pungent smells. These kennel cleaning and turf care products are recommended by veterinarians for sanitization, so you can be certain that they are safe for pets.

pet-turf-careTurf cleaning if you have pets

For businesses with high animal turnover or homeowners with pets or kids, then artificial grass cleaning must be a priority for you. In this case, it is highly advised to use enzymatic cleaner because of its efficiency and effectiveness. Most importantly, the cleaner is nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and formulated with similar fragrances to minimize the negative impact on an animal’s olfactory sense.

To help you with the cleaner application process, Bluegrass Janitorial Supplies offers the Turf Care Kit that includes Enzymatic Cleaner Concentrate and Foam Gun Applicator.

How to make artificial grass look good?

The best way to “freshen up” turf in your garden, kennel or home is to clean it regularly with high quality products. However, you should also try the next best method – turf defibrillation. Defibrillation means brushing your grass so it can stand up. This method will make your turf look better: new and fluffy.

One way to defibrillate your turf is by power broom. Unfortunately, power brooms are not that common in households or retail stores, but no need to worry. You can also use a brush to achieve the same effect. ProVetLogic’s deck scrub brush is a perfect solution. In this case, its tough brushes will work effectively against turf and fluff it up in no time without causing damage.turf-care-artificial-grass

Be Consistent

The most important part of artificial grass cleaning is your dedication and consistency. You do not need to clean your turf every day, just be consistent with your cleaning procedures and use high quality products with odor removal and multi species disinfectant. The key to new-looking turf is thoroughly cleaning and giving it a good brush once in a while.

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