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Air Fresheners

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Bluegrass Jan/San offers a wide range of janitorial air fresheners

Restrooms and other areas can make customers and employees happy or frustrated, which affects the reputation of your business. Keep them happy by ensuring your restrooms and other odor-prone areas smell clean and fresh. It’s no surprise that a bathroom that smells clean makes a far better impression than one that smells. Restrooms and other areas can smell clean and fresh with our wide variety of janitorial air freshener products. Bluegrass Jan/San sells air fresheners, aromatic urinal screens and air scent dispensers that can mask and remove unpleasant odors from any area.

“Made In The USA – Used Around The World” Janitorial Air Fresheners are used in over 35 countries worldwide. Restrooms only account for about 5% of the cleanable area of a facility. Yet approximately 95% of all cleaning complaints are restroom-related. Freshen up and keep your staff happy.

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Janitorial Air Fresheners


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