Bluegrass Jan/San supplies high quality cleaning chemicals such as floor finishers, floor sealers, floor cleaners, floor restorers and floor strippers. We also sell carpet care chemicals such as extractor rug shampoo, all-purpose spotter, liquid defoamer, odor digestant and carpet pre-spray. Our line of products also includes food service chemicals, degreasers, disinfectants, restroom chemicals and many other supplies. We serve restaurants, schools, school districts, colleges, universities, hospitals, medical offices, auto repair shops, and many other institutions throughout Kentucky. Among the products we sell are:

OncClean Super cleaner and degreaser Kentucky Frankfort Lexington kitchen


OneClean is an industrial strength super cleaner. The unique formula begins acting the moment it touches a surface. Enjoy effortless and hazard-free no-scrub cleaning using OneClean.

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Prime Source Spark Oven Cleaner Kentucky Lexington Frankfort


A ready-to-use oven and grill cleaner that removes grease and carbonized soils from ovens, grills, and food smoking equipment.

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Automotive Workshop Degreaser Lexington Frankfort Louisville Kentucky



Simplify your degreasing and cleaning with  ONE product: the OneClean Industrial Strength Super Cleaner.

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Prime Source Lemon Disinfectant Kentucky Lexington Frankfort



Lemon scent, one step cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer.

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Essential Industries sells a wide range of top quality chemicals for a variety of applications.

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