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UV Angel Adapt Ultraviolet Keyboard Sanitizing Light

A growing volume of science points to shared workstations as fomites for pathogen transmission. Studies have shown the presence of HAI-related pathogens on 1 in 4 frequently touched surfaces. Reduce the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria with an intelligent, automated UV-C that safely and continuously detects and neutralizes surface contamination. It’s called the UV Angel AdaptTM.


  • Effective and Unobtrusive.
  • IOT Connectivity Onboard (Wi-Fi & BLE).
  • Streams real-time data.
  • Accelerometer & Gyro allows for better understanding of the surrounding environment.
  • AI Algorithms detects typing and manual cleaning.

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More about this product

More about this product

About UV Angel

UV Angel uses years of advanced research and development in ultraviolet light to make the environments around us measurably cleaner and safer by eliminating harmful pathogens. Fully automated, patented and proven safe, our UV-C technology monitors and cleans the surfaces we touch and the air we breathe. UV Angel’s technology is complemented by a proprietary data analytics platform that delivers critical insights and strategic advantages to leaders in healthcare, food service, corporate, education and many more industries.

How it Operates

Using an intelligent, automated UV-C light treatment platform, the UV Angel AdaptTM continuously monitors when surfaces have been used and safely treats them hundreds of times a day with no assistance from staff. The moment a potential threat is detected on surfaces, the UV Angel AdaptTM neutralizes it at a cellular level, at rates greater than 99%.

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