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Product: SANI-512 Dish and Surface Sanitizer 1 Gallon

SANI-512 Dish and Surface Sanitizer 1 Gallon


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More about this product

More about this product


Concentrated Formula

sani_512An effective sanitizer for use in food preparation areas. For use on a wide range of hard inanimate, porous surfaces.

At 1 ounce per 4 gallons of water this product eliminates 99.999% of foodborne bacteria in 60 seconds.

For Use On:

  • Food & Water Dishes
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Counter Tops
  • Utensils
  • Tables
  • Appliances

The best protocol for effectively cleaning and sanitizing pet dishes and utensils is the €œWash, Rinse & Sanitize€ method.

A required process in the restaurant industry, this method is safe, effective and economical.

If a 3-compartment sink is unavailable, we recommend the use of a portable Dish Pan with drain plug.

1.Wash and scrub with soil removing detergent.
2.Rinse with clean water.
3.Dip in sanitizing solution and air dry

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