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RX75 Anti-Bac Heavy Duty Disinfecting Wipes 180 Wipes

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  • KILLS M. BOVIS BCG (TUBERCULOSIS) because it can penetrate the tough waxy shell that surrounds the bacteria, which resists typical quaternary disinfectants.
  • KILLS THE HIV-1 VIRUS associated with AIDS.
  • HOSPITAL TYPE: Kills a broad range of Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria including Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • A SUPERIOR CLEANER/DEGREASER: Penetrates, liquifies and removes oily, greasy soil.
  • ODOR COUNTERACTANT: Contains AIRICIDE®. Eliminates foul odors in the air.
  • NON-FLAMMABLE: Contains no alcohol or other flammable components.
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Both the surfactant and the disinfectant are biodegradable – contains no phosphates.
  • ECONOMICAL: 180 – 6″ x 7″ disinfectant wipes per canister.
  • PLEASANT AROMA: Contains no phenol, so there’s no unpleasant phenolic odor during or after use.
  • CONVENIENT: AIRX 75 Wipes comes ready to use. There’s nothing to mix at the time of need.

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More about this product

More about this product

Some quaternary disinfectants have failed EPA requirements against M. bovis BCG (Tuberculosis) because the TB bacillus is covered by a tough protective shell that the typical quat cannot pierce. The superior penetration of AIRX 75 allows it to quickly break through this shell and to kill the disease-causing bacilli, just as it kills a broad range of other Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria listed on the label, and as it kills HIV-1 (associated with AIDS). But AIRX 75 Wipes are not just to guard against cross infection….. the ability to penetrate the shell of the TB bacillus is indicative of its ability to penetrate and remove the worst stubborn soil. You’ll find AIRX 75 to be the best cleaning “wipe” product you have ever used. They are ready to use right out of the handy tubs.

For disinfecting and cleaning hard, non-porous inanimate environmental surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, recovery rooms, operating rooms, schools, transportation terminals, veterinary clinics, athletic facilities and other sites listed on the label.

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