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Koblenz Industrial Wet-Dry Vacuum 19 Gallon, 9 Amp 2-Stage Bypass Motor


Introducing the Koblenz Industrial Wet-Dry Vacuum, a robust and powerful solution for your heavy-duty cleaning needs. With an impressive 19-gallon capacity, this vacuum is equipped with a 9 Amp 2-Stage Bypass Motor, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Product Highlights:

  • Whether tackling wet or dry debris, this industrial-grade vacuum effortlessly handles a variety of cleaning tasks.
  • The dual functionality allows for seamless transition between wet and dry modes, providing versatility for diverse cleaning environments.
  • Engineered for durability, the Koblenz Industrial Wet-Dry Vacuum features a sturdy construction to withstand rigorous use in industrial settings.
  • Its efficient 2-Stage Bypass Motor ensures powerful suction, making quick work of debris removal.
  • With user-friendly design and easy maneuverability, this vacuum is a reliable companion for workshops, construction sites, and any space requiring a heavy-duty cleaning solution.
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More about this product

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