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Koblenz Industrial Wet-Dry Vacuum 16 Gallon, 9 Amp 2-Stage Bypass Motor


Say goodbye to the heavy, expensive, and loud vacuum cleaner that just doesn’t work! Embrace the future of cleaning with the Koblenz industrial wet dry vacuum cleaner. Just plug it in and turn it on for a quiet cleaning experience without any hassles. The 16-gallon tank means you won’t have to stop cleaning every few minutes to dump out dirty water.

Product Highlights:

  • Whether tackling wet or dry debris, this industrial-grade vacuum effortlessly handles a variety of cleaning tasks.
  • The dual functionality allows for seamless transition between wet and dry modes, providing versatility for diverse cleaning environments.
  • Engineered for durability, the Koblenz Industrial Wet-Dry Vacuum features a sturdy construction to withstand rigorous use in industrial settings.
  • Its efficient 2-Stage Bypass Motor ensures powerful suction, making quick work of debris removal.
  • With user-friendly design and easy maneuverability, this vacuum is a reliable companion for workshops, construction sites, and any space requiring a heavy-duty cleaning solution.
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