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IPC Eagle Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Sectional Pole


This quick lock extendable pole can be used with any of our IPC Eagle deionized water window washing machines. It needs to be used in combination with either our 14″ window washing speed brush, or our 14″ natural fiber window washing brush for best results. Both of these brushes need to be connected to a gooseneck to work with this pole. Gooseneck and brushes are sold separately from the pole.

The pole system itself weighs 15 pounds, and extends in 10 – 5′ sections, making it very easy to walk up walls on tall buildings. The easy to use flip locks provide for fast and easy use in any and all environments. This carbon fiber pole is the lightest sectional window washing pole on the market. For a cheaper alternative, take a look at our 35′ carbon fiber extending window washing pole.

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More about this product

More about this product


Key Features of the Telescopic Poles include:

  • The poles have an end with standard or screw cones so you can mount tools, such as squeegees or washers.
  • The poles include an internal solution hose as well as flip locks for fast extension.
  • They are the strongest and lightest poles on the market, making them easy to walk up walls for a quick clean.

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Poles Features

Performances improved down to the last detail.


  • 12′ Flip Lock II Fiberglass Telescopic Poles
  • 25′, 35′ or 45′ Flip Lock II Carbon Fiber Telescopic Composite Pole
  • Comes with safety green hose that is very flexible
  • Includes hose clamp, allowing the operator to quickly and easily clamp the hose to stop water flow
  • Goosenecks available in 4″ adjustable plastic, 8″ adjustable aluminum and 16″ adjustable aluminum
  • Uses an internal hose and can easily flip locks for fast extension
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