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Grout Avenger Tile Cleaner – 1 Gal


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More about this product

More about this product

Grout Avenger

Cleans, Whitens, Maintains

  • Removes hard water scale, soap scum, body oils, ground-in grime and mildew stains.
  • Use on shower floors and walls, restroom floors and walls, kitchen floors and other grouted surfaces.
  • Ideal for ceramic, terrazzo, brick pavers, slate and granite.


  • Type – Inorganic Mineral Acid
  • Form – Clear Liquid
  • Odor – Wild Berry
  • Color – Colorless
  • Weight Per Gallon – 9.14 Lbs.
  • pH – 1.5-2.1
  • Foam Height – Low
  • Actives – >20%
  • Hard Water Tolerance – Excellent

* Properties are typical and subject to usual manufacturing tolerances.


Dilute with water (see below). Apply with a mop or sprayer. Let stand for 10 minutes and agitate with a brush. Pick up excess and rinse well with water.

  • HEAVY SOIL: Dilute 1:4 (32 ounces per gallon).
  • MODERATE SOIL: Dilute 1:8 (16 ounces per gallon).
  • LIGHT SOIL: Dilute 1:32 (4 ounces per gallon).

Note: Do not use on marble or soft stone.

See label directions and SDS for complete usage and safety instructions.

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