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Product: FM-ME, Mini Edger

FM-ME, Mini Edger



Product Details

Manufacturer: Pacific Floorcare
There are not many tools more flexible than the Pacific Floorcare® FM-ME floor machine and edger unit – plus, it delivers industrial performance. The mini-edger truly transfers many of your manual detail cleaning activities into an automated cleaning tool. Use the FM-ME on hard floors, carpets, baseboards, stair treads, elevator tracks and other hard to reach, tight spaces – you’ll run out of time, before you’ll run out of uses!

Product Information Sheet(s):
Product Info Sheet – PDF

HD PERFORMANCE: Almost 20 lb of focused down pressure at 765 rpm
PAD SPEED RPM: 765 rpm
FLEXIBILITY: Attachments for baseboard, hard floor, stairs and carpet cleaning
EASE OF USE: Fit to your comfort with quick adjust handle.
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More about this product

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