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Square Scrub EBG-20/C PIVOT with HEPA Vac Installed


A standard EBG-20/C Floor Preparation Machine with the HEPA Dry Vac kit installed.

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More about this product

Your All In One Floor Cleaning, Scrubbing, Polishing and Floor Stripping With Maximum Cleaning Power & Efficiency
The Square Scrub Pivot orbital floor machine is available in two sizes and can handle any size job on a huge variety of floor surfaces. When you want the gold standard in commercial floor care, the EBG-20/C Pivot is a great choice for you and your business. Featuring our innovative pivoting head, this orbital floor machine can do dry floor stripping, scrubbing, and cleaning with nearly perfect surface area contact and easier operation, particularly on uneven floors. The new technology in the EBG-20/C Pivot model allows the cleaning head to have optimal weight distribution, back to front, and side to side. This allows the cleaning pad to be in better contact with the floor surface, giving you a deeper clean in less time.

With power, versatility, and a huge cleaning surface, the Square Scrub EBG-28 Pivot machine stands out from other floor scrubbing machines. Featuring our signature pivoting head, this model offers superior cleaning ability and efficiency, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. From hospitals to gymnasiums, large floor surfaces can be a challenge to keep clean and sanitary. But not anymore, thanks to the Pivot, which boasts 40% more floor coverage without sacrificing our signature Square Scrub cleaning power.

The Square Scrub Pivot technology drastically improves pad longevity by nearly eliminating the uneven pad wear that is seen in many other brands of floor cleaning equipment. The cleaning head releases the control handle from the base bottom, which gives the machine the ability to freely pivot, utilizing the cleaning surface of the entire pad, not just the front or rear. Plus, the durable 7-gauge stainless steel base allows you to tackle even the toughest floor preparation jobs with ease, making this an unmatched dry floor stripping machine. The Pivot can be used to lift worn-in dirt, grime, spills, and germs from a variety of floor materials including wood floors, stone tiles, grout, rubber, VCT (wet or dry), and more.

We have everything you need here at Square Scrub, to keep your floor surfaces clean and sanitary. The Pivot orbital floor machine includes options such as our HEPA dry vac kit, two-piece handle, extra weights, and a huge selection of floor pads. The Square Scrub Pivot EBG-20/C is certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute, so you can rest well knowing that you’re getting superior cleaning technology with minimal environmental impact. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Square Scrub Pivot models.

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