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Dust Up Mop Treatment Aerosol Spray – 14oz


This oil based dust mop treatment formulation attracts dust and dirt to mops and cloths. The effect of the chemicals increases the dust catching capabilities and eliminates flying dust and resettling. Heavy lint on a mop or cloth can be shaken or washed out. Improves dust pick up on mops and cloths. Gathers dust. Prevents germ-filled dust from scattering. A routine dust mop treatment program will extend the life of the floor finish and help maintain the gloss. V.O.C. Compliant.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Pleasant lemon fragrance
  • Works on furniture and floors
  • Spray on dust mop or dust cloth
  • Attracts and holds dust like a magnet
  • Prevents germ-filled dust from scattering

Product Information Sheets:

Technical Data Sheet – PDF

Safety Data Sheet – PDF


Sold individually, a full case size would be 12 cans.

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