Bluegrass Jan/San also is a supplier of NSS brand floor care equipment, machines and products. Since 1911, NSS Enterprises, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of  industrial and commercial cleaning solutions. NSS’s automatic scrubbers, battery burnishers, carpet extractors, vacuums, and floor machines are distributed to more than 60 countries. With a long tradition of designing durable equipment, NSS can provide green cleaning machines with undeniable quality, value and reliability.

Whatever your floor cleaning need, Bluegrass Jan/San can help you identify the best solution and then provide the tools you need for the task at hand.

Please call us at 502-382-8320 to discuss your specific needs or for details about any of the following floor cleaning devices.

You can also visit the NSS website for more products and details: Visit NSS

    • Burnishing machines
    • Automatic scrubbers
    • Sweepers
    • Orbital scrubbers
    • Rotary scrubbers
    • Walk-behind auto scrubbers
    • Ultra high-speed burnishers
    • Scrubber/floor machines
    • Sidewinders
    • Wet-dry vacuums
    • Backpack vacuum cleaners
    • Carpet vacuums
    • Carpet extractors
    • Upright vacuum cleaners

Here are a few examples of the top-quality floor cleaning machines and other products offered by NSS:

The Pacer 12/15 UE by NSS Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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