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Magnesol XL and Fry Oil Saver2023-02-25T05:47:15-05:00
Magnesol Frying Oil Saver for Restaurants Kentucky

We Offer The Leading Products in Frying Oil Filtration and Performance

Magnesol XL fry oil is a safe, pure FDA- and USDA-approved absorbent cooking oil filtering compound. It removes both solid and dissolved impurities from used oil and extends the life of cooking oil. Cooking oil stays clear and clean so you can provide consistently crisp, golden and delicious fried foods.

During the frying oil filtration process, each Magnesol XL particle acts like a tiny magnet to attract and hold on to compounds and other solid and dissolved bi-products of the frying process. Left unattended, these bi-products and solids can ruin the quality of fried foods. Cooking oil filtered with Magnesol XL lasts longer, keeps the oil fresh, clear and clean, and produces consistently high quality fried foods.

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How Magnesol Cooking Oil Filtering Works

Filtering oil every day with MAGNESOL® not only removes food debris from the oil, it also extracts soluble liquid impurities that contribute to off flavors and odors of used oil. Unlike ordinary filter powders, MAGNESOL® particles act like a magnet to attract and remove the tastes and odors that can negatively affect fried food.

Slowing Down Oil Degradation

While there is no method of stopping the degradation process of oil, it is possible to significantly slow degradation, extend the usable life of frying oil and improve the fried food quality. This can be achieved by removing both dissolved degradation products and solid debris, both of which contribute to oil breakdown. Most importantly, filtering your cooking oil with Magnesol XL every day is a huge step in extending the life and quality of your fry oil.

Magnesol XL – Used by thousands of restaurants and instititutions

It’s important to note that Magnesol XL is used by tens of thousands of restaurants and institutions. It provides great value by keeping oil clean and fresh. Of course, cleaner oil means better tasting fried food. Even better, frying oil retains its fresh quality longer, while retaining fried food’s light, crisp and golden delicious qualities.

MAGNESOL meets the food grade specifications of the FDA, NSF, JECFA of WHO.

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