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Floor and Hand Pads2022-06-02T02:47:30-04:00

Bluegrass Jan/San sells a wide variety of floor and hand pads suitable for a wide range of applications, including buffing, scrubbing, cleaning, stripping and burnishing floors.

All of our pads, regardless of their function, are made of the highest quality materials that are long lasting while providing outstanding results.


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Stripping pads are designed to get the surface back to its original condition. They are by nature a heavier denier fiber and may contain a more aggressive grit. Our pads are specifically designed with a more open weave to permit the chemical to do its job as it is agitated by the pad. Machine Speed: Up to 350 RPM.

  • Brown High Performance: Our most aggressive stripping pad.
  • Emerald High Performance: Cut stripping time significantly.
  • Ultra-High Performance: Extremely durable for tougher stripping jobs.
  • Black Stripping: Long lasting heavy duty stripping.
  • Brown Dry Strip: For fast uniform stripping wet or dry.

For light cleaning and buffing. These buffing pads bring out the shine on floors. They are also used for removing light scuff marks and dirt. Machine speed up to 350 RPM.

  • Red Buff
  • Red 40
  • Tan Buff
  • White Polish

Pads are used for a range of purposes from light stripping to heavy duty scrubbing. These pads remove heavily soiled areas and most scuff marks prior to recoating. Machine speed up to 350 RPM.

  • Green Scrubbing/Cleaning
  • Blue Scrubbing/Cleaning
  • Red Light Duty Scrubbing/Cleaning
  • Red 40

Polishing pads bring out the shine on floors with conventional speed equipment. They are also used for removing light scuff marks. Machine speed 175 to 350 RPM.

  • Tan Polish
  • For dry polishing buffable finishes.
  • White Polish
  • For dry polishing or with fine water mist to ensure high gloss.

Our polishing pads bring out the shine on floors with conventional speed equipment. They are also used for removing light scuff marks. Machine speed 175 to 350 RPM.

  • UHS Super White
  • Blue Ultra
  • Beige
  • Aqua
  • Pink Max
  • Champagne
  • UHS Tan
  • Peach
  • Natural Light
  • UHS Blue Blend
  • Aquamarine
  • Natural Poly
  • Natural Fiber
  • Hairless

Microfiber Deep Scrub Pad
Use wet to loosen deeply embedded soils on specialty type floors like mondo, rubberized sports floors, and VCT

  • Microfiber Dry Polish Pad: Use on any even or smooth surface to polish. 175-3000 RPM
  • Eco-Maroon Pads: Strips and scrubs floors without chemicals
  • Eco-Maroon Plus: Can be used wet or dry. 175-350 RPM
  • Mellow Mean: leans and polishes floors without chemicals.
  • Mellow Mean II: Cleans and polishes floors without chemicals. Must be used wet. 175-350 RPM. Also comes in rectangle sizes.

Diamond Pads
Grits: 400 / 800 / 1500 / 3000
Sizes: 13″–27″ packed 2 per case
Combo packs available.

Rectangle pads are available in 4 sizes (12×18 / 14×20 / 14×28 / 14×32) and are used on oscillating rectangle scrubbing machines.

  • Black: Extra heavy duty stripping
  • Red: Daily cleaning
  • Green: Heavy-duty stripping
  • White: Polishing
  • Blue: Medium-duty stripping


Our hand pads are durable and easy to hold, making them the perfect choice for jobs that are smaller or require more detail than larger floor pads. We sell regular sponges as well as sponges with abrasive surfaces of different kinds, both fine and course grit, meaning we can meet any need.


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