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Product: Minuteman X17 Self-Contained Professional Carpet Extractor

Minuteman X17 Self-Contained Professional Carpet Extractor


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More about this product

More about this product

Max Ride 20 Orbital

Key Features:

  • Auto load and unload of brush or pad driver.
  • On-board charger
  • Capable of turning 360 degrees on its own axis providing exceptional floor cleaning maneuverability
  • 18 gallon solution and recover tanks
  • Squeegee is contained under the unit and follows the brush/pad driver for complete water pickup
  • SPORT Technology (optional)

General Overview

The MAX Ride 20 is the first compact micro rider scrubber engineered with large rider durability in mind. Built on an extremely durable e-coated steel frame with large integrated solution and recovery tank capac­ities, the MAX Ride maximizes productivity at an exceptional value.

This innovative Micro rider with its unique squeegee assembly to brush proximity offers best in class water pick up.

Enhance the Max Ride 20 with the integration of Minuteman’s SPORT technology (OPTIONAL).


Scrub Head Type: Orbital

Scrub Path: 20 inches

Solution Capacity: 18 gal (68L)

Recovery Capacity: 18 gal (68L)

Max Speed: 3.1 mph (5kh)

Max Productivity: 27,200 sq ft/hr

Actual Productivity: 22,015 sq ft/hr

Pad Pressure: Floating Locked- 74lbs./102Nm

Pad Speed: 2200 RPM

Pad Motor: 550 Watts

Vacuum Airflow: 69 cfm (32.4L/sec)

Vacuum Water lift: 68″ H20 (1717 mm H2O)

Sound Pressure: 68 dba

Water Flow: .45 gpm (1.7 l/min)

Min. Turn-Around Aisle Width: 50.5″ (128 cm)

Maximum Ramp Climbing: 6%

Squeegee Width: 25″ (65 cm)

Machine Voltage: 24 VDC

Power Source: Battery (2) 12V 140 ah

Battery Charger: On Board

Maximum Run Time: 3-3.5 hrs

Dimensions W/ Squeegee: 47.5″L X 25.5″W X 45″H

Weight With Batteries: 691 lbs.. (313kg) Full Solution

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