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Product: Trash Can Liners

Trash Can Liners

We sell top quality janitorial, cleaning supplies & can liners as well as quality janitorial, cleaning supplies and equipment of all kinds.

Large Low D Option:
OP-LCR3858STK – 38X58, 1.2MIL, Coreless Star Seal, BLK, 10 Rolls of 10 (100) 50-60 gals.

Large High D Option:
OP-S386014N – 38×60, 14MIC, Coreless Star Seal, NAT, 10 Rolls of 20 (200)
50-60 gals.

Medium Low D Option:
OP-LCR4046XHK  – 40X46, .9MIL, Coreless Star Seal, BLK, 10 Rolls of 10 (100) 40-45 gals.

Medium High D Option:
OP-S404812N – 40X48, 12MIC, Coreless Star Seal, NAT, 10 Rolls of 25 (250)
40-45 gals.

Small Low D Option:
OP-LCR3340GK – 33X39, .6MIL, Coreless Star Seal, BLK, 10 Rolls of 25 (250)
31-33 gals.

Small High D Option:
OP-S242406N – 24X24, 6MIC, Coreless Star Seal, NAT, 20 Rolls of 50 (1,000) 12-16 gals.

Large Extra Heavy Low D Option:
OP-LCR3858XSTK – 38X58, 1.7MIL, Coreless Star Seal, BLK, 10 Rolls of 10 (100) 50-60 gals.

We also have many more sizes available including 3mil contractor trash bags. Call us at 502-382-8320 for info.


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