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Product: Spectank REoven Cleaner

Spectank REoven Cleaner

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Ovensolve is an innovative product that is used to remove grease and carbon build-up on ovens, oven doors, glass, stainless steel, stove tops, canopies, rotisseries, toasters, microwaves, grills and more.

Ovensolve is user-friendly and safe (no burning of hands or fumes emitted) and is extremely effective. It is an alkaline degreaser and is environmentally friendly.


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More about this product

More about this product

Cleaning staff are reluctant to use traditional oven cleaners as they are harsh and toxic, resulting in dirty ovens.

REoven is a user-friendly oven and multi-surface cleaner, which does not burn skin or emit fumes.

  • It can be touched
  • It can be smelt
  • It can even be licked


REoven is designed to remove fat, oil and grease from a wide range of surfaces such as commercial kitchen ovens, over doors, stove tops, splash backs, griddles, rotisseries, toasters, canopies, stainless steel surfaces, floors and walls.

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