Sanitizing & Disinfecting Tablets

An EPA registered Disinfectant & Sanitizer in one tablet by Green Klean. 120 6.55g tablets per tub.



An EPA registered Disinfectant & Sanitizer in one tablet by Green Klean

Benefits of Sanitizing & Disinfecting with GK Disinfecting Tablets:

  • Always Accurate Measurement of PPM for Safer Disinfection.

    Sanitizing Tablets Brochure

  • Neutral pH 6.5 – 7
  • Easy on all surfaces – Won’t harm floor finish.
  • No Measuring. Simply Add Tablets As Directed.
  • Won’t Leave A Residue.
  • Versatility – Use it as broad spectrum disinfectant, food grade no rinse sanitizer or odor reducer from entry to exit in all commercial buildings.
  • Mild Clean Smell
  • Low Cost
  • Requires 75% Less Warehouse Storage Space.
  • Sustainable
  • Ships UPS or FedEx ground.

Electrostatic Spray Guns for Disinfecting

The E-Spray System provides complete coverage of surfaces that are often missed or difficult to disinfect.


E-Spray System Brochure


Schools: Disinfect classrooms, locker rooms, school buses, restrooms, lunchrooms.

Day Care: Toys and play equipment. Health Care: Disinfecting of patient rooms, waiting rooms, equipment.

Fitness Centers: Daily disinfecting of lockers and equipment.

Automotive: Deodorizing of vehicles.

Food Service: Sanitizing food contact surfaces.

Odor Problems: Use to help mitigate urine or other odors in restrooms. Helps to kill mold and associated odors in damp areas such as basements.