Bluegrass Jan/San sells a wide variety of latex, nitrile and vinyl janitorial food service gloves to meet just about any need or situation. Our gloves are durable yet cost effective and are available in a range of thicknesses, sizes and colors.  We also supply black examination gloves (for use in auto repair) and orange examination gloves that can be used for ER response personnel.


Characteristics of Latex Janitorial Food Service Gloves

Latex gloves are widely used for medical and industrial use and are considered by some as more comfortable than nitrile. Even so, if someone is allergic to latex they may need to use nitrile or vinyl. Latex gloves fit very well and are easier to put on and take off. They also are strong and flexible and can be worn comfortably for an extended period. Here are some of our latex gloves:

  • HO-GL-L116LL – Latex Flock Lined Glove Yellow Large (per pack of 120) 10/12/CS
  • HO-GL-L116LM – Latex Flock Lined Glove Yellow Medium (per pack of 120) 10/12/CS
  • HO-GL-L116LS – Latex Flock Lined Glove Yellow Smal