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Product: Crown Commercial Strength Carpet Cleaner – 1 Gal

Crown Commercial Strength Carpet Cleaner – 1 Gal


Crown Commercial Strength Carpet Cleaner

Crown Carpet Cleaner quickly and easily removes stains, ground in dirt and grime. It is also very effective on pet stains and odors. It contains no petroleum distillates or hydrocarbons and is very safe for the environment. Crown Carpet Cleaner makes your job easier and will extend the life of your carpet. This product is designed to produce very little foam so NO DEFOAMER IS REQUIRED. Some foam may be present from residue from previous cleaning with other products.
Crown Carpet Cleaner lists up and removes touch stains and dirt. It works with most carpet cleaning extraction machines including rental, home and commercial units. It eliminates odor and leaves carpet clean and fresh.

Directions for Use

  • Remove furnature and vacuum thoroughly.
  • Pre-treat spots and heavy traffic areas.
  • Mix solution by diluting 2 oz of Crown Carpet Cleaner per gallon of hot water. FOr heavy soils and stains, use 4 oz per gallon of hot water. Do not use water hot enought to scold or burn skin.
  • Apply and extract cleaning solution from carpet with overlapping patterns.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly. Fans can be used to speed drying.
  • Vacuum thoroughly after carpet is dry.
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